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Eternal Eve – The wheels are in motion


What a month!  Here at Eternal Eve celebrations are in order as we welcome and embrace the partnership with Perth’s Atomic Sky.  Atomic Sky brings the tools Eternal Eve needs to take it to official launch and beyond… and ultimately share the journey of helping women find quality service providers in Australia. Fabulous women love […]

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KALM Wellness Centre

As part of Eternal Eve’s validation process I met with Kylie McWhirter, owner of KALM Wellness Centre on Angove St, North Perth.   I first discovered KALM Wellness Centre at the Angove St Festival in 2013 and since then have enjoyed many treatments at this centre. Fabulous women love sharing

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Estelle visits Modesty Blaise

In a quest to establish relationships with quality service providers in Perth, I met with Celeste Fiore of Modesty Blaise Face and Body in North Perth.  What became apparent in my experience at this prestiges beauty salon was Celeste’s ongoing commitment to ensure all staff provide the best treatment and service to their clients. Quality […]

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Eternal Eve to ease travel dilemmas

You’re having a bad hair day—and you’re 1,000 miles from home.  You’ve yanked your luggage off the airport carousel and thrown your back out. You’ve been sitting like a sardine in a cramped plane for 10 hours and you’re aching all over. What’s a girl to do? Maybe you traveled light. Decided it was a […]

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