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Eternal Eve is an online listing of beauty, medical and alternative therapy service providers recommended by stylish women.  The mobile app operates on a ‘friends helping friends’, ‘women helping women’ basis.  Eternal Eve is committed to connecting women to quality service providers to ensure all women get access to the best closest to them.

Our Mission

The mission of Eternal Eve is to help women find the best and most trustworthy service providers closest to them.  Eternal Eve is founded on the principle of women helping women.  Friends sharing favourites.  Genuine recommendations guaranteed.

Our Founder

Estelle Oliveri
A strong-minded entrepreneur, Estelle Oliveri is the founder and CEO of tech start-up Eternal Eve; the recommendation mobile app for women to find quality providers of beauty, health and wellness services via a private yet powerful girlfriend network.

Estelle founded Eternal Eve on the core belief that all women deserve the highest quality of beauty, health and wellness services. Eternal Eve is now on a mission to raise the benchmark of quality services world-wide.

She is one of eight graduates of the Founder Institute, the world’s largest training and entrepreneurship program. She was awarded the female fellowship from 150+ applicants and 28 accepted entrepreneurs and went on to found Eternal Eve in 2013.
The Founder Institute is proudly supported by the City of Perth. Estelle became a co-director of the Founder Institute Perth Chapter in 2014 and helped an additional 8 individuals and companies graduate from the program.



Since then her dedication and involvement in tech start-ups has provided a wealth of experience in digital marketing. Her knowledge in website conversions, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising has created a skillset in sale conversions valuable to Eternal Eve and its subscribed businesses.

Prior to Eternal Eve, Estelle graduated from Architecture at Queensland University of Technology, practicing for 5 years in London, UK working on large commercial & residential projects internationally with teams of architects, engineers and consultants. Her role included co-ordinating teams across different time zones, reviewing engineers and consultants’ drawings whilst preparing documentation of architectural buildings for construction.

Living abroad unveiled the need to find, share and raise the benchmark of quality service providers for expatriates, travellers and everyday women. Whilst still holding a interest in design and architecture, her passion is now for her business Eternal Eve. Estelle endeavours to make a global impact in the beauty, health and wellness sector helping women find quality service providers and helping businesses raise the benchmark of customer service word-wide.

Our Business Partner – Atomic Sky

Estelle has partnered with Atomic Sky to bring her dream to a reality. Atomic Sky helps entrepreneurs turn good ideas into great businesses by drawing on their wealth of experience and expertise and combine it with good ideas from people who have a genuine passion for what they want to do.


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