What NOT to do in a Hair Salon

The Client From Hell

Building a good relationship with your hairdresser will definitely make a difference to your salon experience and the outcome of your hairdo.

The following video of the client from hell brought a smile to our faces today. This video was made purely for fun and uploaded by Mary Chan to YouTube however it does touch on quite a few things we all may have been guilty of saying once or twice before. Enjoy!

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Threading – Face Forward

Why you should be making the switch to eyebrow threading

“Threading removes a line of hair with extreme precision, even the very fine and stubborn strands.”

Beautifully shaped eyebrows go a long way when it comes to enhancing your facial features. And if waxing and tweezing isn’t your cup of tea, why not give threading a try?

An ancient method of hair removal that makes use of a simple twisted cotton string that tugs along the surface of your skin, threading is becoming increasingly popular – quite possibly because it does not involve any form of chemical being applied, making it a 100 per cent natural.

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Hello??? Scalp Massage where are you?

“Vulnerable to the touch – you can tell me anything… I. AM. YOURS.”

Why is it always hit and miss with hair salons and the glorious scalp massage? Today I experienced a fabulous wash, blow-dry and straighten at my local salon, however walked out feeling slightly unfulfilled.   “That will be $60 please,” the lovely stylist informed me as I handed over my debit card, a little reluctantly. I really have nothing complain about. I look fantastic. But the warm floating feeling is just not there.

Scalp Massage

For those that enjoy a massage will understand. Just like a cat purring at the touch of a head pat or scratch, I become putty to the scalp massage. Tranced in absolute bliss, a stylist could be whispering in my ear how great I could like with a shaved head and I would believe it. Vulnerable to touch – tell me anything. I. AM. YOURS.

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Connections #08 Amelia Lee

Amelia Lee – on like-minded networks and meaningful friendships.

“Connections means building a network of real and meaningful friendships (regardless of geography) – where we can inspire and support each other in not only our business challenges, but in our lives also.”

Amelia LeeAmelia Lee

Managing Director and Architect

Undercover Architect
f: undercoverarchitect
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