PERTH Wellness Gem #01 – endota spa Perth CBD

endota spa – a quiet oasis hidden in the hustle and bustle of Perth CBD

“I believe that education on how to look after our skin, to radiate, just has not been provided in Perth.  We, at endota educate our guests on how to look after their skin, how to exfoliate correctly and how often.”


Georgie Wood
Business Owner

endota spa Perth CBD
w:  endotadayspa.com.au/perth-cbd
f:  endotaspa.perth


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Eternal Eve – The wheels are in motion

What a month!  Here at Eternal Eve celebrations are in order as we welcome and embrace the partnership with Perth’s Atomic Sky.  Atomic Sky brings the tools Eternal Eve needs to take it to official launch and beyond… and ultimately share the journey of helping women find quality service providers in Australia.

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Estelle visits Modesty Blaise

In a quest to establish relationships with quality service providers in Perth, I met with Celeste Fiore of Modesty Blaise Face and Body in North Perth.  What became apparent in my experience at this prestiges beauty salon was Celeste’s ongoing commitment to ensure all staff provide the best treatment and service to their clients. Quality control is important here – all staff are up to date with latest technologies and they all adhere to a standard of excellence.

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Eternal Eve to ease travel dilemmas

You’re having a bad hair day—and you’re 1,000 miles from home.  You’ve yanked your luggage off the airport carousel and thrown your back out. You’ve been sitting like a sardine in a cramped plane for 10 hours and you’re aching all over.

What’s a girl to do?

Maybe you traveled light. Decided it was a casual trip, for a change. And then got invited to a swanky reception. You really need your hair cut and styled and professional make-up.

Where do you go?

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure you never know what dilemma you’re going to encounter. Inevitably, something happens. It could be bad, or it could be a good opportunity. But you’re a stranger in a strange land and you don’t know where to turn.

Who can you trust? Who’s not going to rip you off? Do you just take a chance and call the beauty salon, the chiropractor or the massage therapist who is running the biggest ad? Maybe you’re lucky enough to be staying at a great hotel with a concierge…but even he might have an ulterior motive for steering you towards one professional versus another.

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Estelle graduates from the Founder Institute

Seven Perth-based start-ups have graduated from the Founder Institute, an international start-up accelerator program. The institute’s Perth chapter co-director, Claire Robertson, told StartupSmart the graduates were testament to Perth’s rapidly growing start-up ecosystem.

“The start-up scene was active, but small and close-knit – it took me a little while to uncover it,” Robertson says. “I think it’s fair to say there’s been a massive explosion of interest and activity in the Perth start-up scene in the past 18 months.”

The accelerator program is a part-time four-month program for emerging technology-enabled companies. The companies were selected across a wide range of industries. The companies include Thrill Seeker, an online collection of adventure tours and community; Cycle My City, a community creating app that pairs cyclists to local stores and riders of a similar ability; and Codedam, a game development course creator. Two were apps that connected users to existing real-life retailers and services: GeoMoby, an app for location-specific marketing offers for stores; and Eternal Eve, a peer-to-peer recommendation site for beauty, hair, and medical and alternative medicine professionals.

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