PERTH Health Gem #02 – Central City Health Professionals

Energised team in Perth city help their clients live the best life they can

“Move. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose, just get up and move every day.” 

Central City Health Professionals

Chris Rollins
Business Manager

Central City Health Professionals
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List 5 words that represent Central City Health Professionals.

Caring, Fast relief, Lasting results, Friendly

Why do you love Central City Health Professionals?

I started working at Central City Health Professionals because I was attracted to the positive culture. I enjoy being surrounded by healthy staff improving the lives of their clients. I love being part of a team who are committed to ensuring that their clients live the best life they can. It is energising to be part of such a fun and dedicated team.

What drives your passion to come to work each day?

We have the opportunity to improve people’s lives every day. Work feels like play because I do the things that I love doing and I get fulfilled knowing I have helped someone each day (staff and clients).

Your #1 health tip?

Move. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose, just get up and move every day. Choosing exercise that you enjoy rather than what someone tells you is good for you, that way you will stick to it.

If your client had to choose one thing they love about Central City Health Professionals, what would it be?

We genuinely care about them.

What is the number one tip you would give to a new business owner?

Believe in yourself and what you are trying to do, stick to your values and vision regardless of what is going on around you.


Central City Health Professionals is a premium business listed on the Eternal Eve mobile app.  To learn more and find out about their current promotions download Eternal Eve on iTunes.

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