Eternal Eve to ease travel dilemmas

You’re having a bad hair day—and you’re 1,000 miles from home.  You’ve yanked your luggage off the airport carousel and thrown your back out. You’ve been sitting like a sardine in a cramped plane for 10 hours and you’re aching all over.

What’s a girl to do?

Maybe you traveled light. Decided it was a casual trip, for a change. And then got invited to a swanky reception. You really need your hair cut and styled and professional make-up.

Where do you go?

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure you never know what dilemma you’re going to encounter. Inevitably, something happens. It could be bad, or it could be a good opportunity. But you’re a stranger in a strange land and you don’t know where to turn.

Who can you trust? Who’s not going to rip you off? Do you just take a chance and call the beauty salon, the chiropractor or the massage therapist who is running the biggest ad? Maybe you’re lucky enough to be staying at a great hotel with a concierge…but even he might have an ulterior motive for steering you towards one professional versus another.

It’s times like these when you wish you had a best friend in every town and country you visit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could be the case? Wouldn’t that take the stress out of traveling?

Actually, you can have a best friend everywhere. “Her” name is “Eternal Eve” and she’s a website conceived and developed by women for women.

The idea is brilliantly simple. Women post recommendations of their favorite services, the places where they have enjoyed exceptional treatment. It might be a beauty salon or beauty therapist. It might be a hair salon or a particular stylist. Or an alternative therapy centre or specialist. A naturopath, massage therapist, iridologist, hypnotherapist…you get the idea.

You have the reassurance of knowing that someone just like you felt comfortable enough to endorse a particular professional service. Your new best friend.

The enterprising entrepreneur behind “Eternal Eve” is Estelle Oliveri of Queensland. The idea came to her after moving to live in London, UK for a while. She worried about finding a hair stylist she could trust—until a friend back in Australia made a recommendation. That hair stylist became Estelle’s favorite and the beneficiary of countless visits from Estelle’s recommendations. As Estelle says, thanks to Eternal Eve, “one woman’s recommendation will ultimately become many women’s saviour.”

Fabulous women love sharing

Fabulous women love to share.