BRISBANE Hair Gem #01 – Geoffrey Herberg Education

Passion, experience and skills ensures Geoffrey Herberg Education is a name on every Hair Salon owners lips nationally.

“Balance is the key to success. Look after yourself and it will look after you.” 

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Geoffrey Herberg

Geoffrey Herberg Education
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List 5 words that represent Geoffrey Herberg Education.

Motivate, Educate, Inspire, Hair, Passion, Sharing.


Why do you love Geoffrey Herberg Education?

I have created a platform to share my passion, experience and skills with hairdressers
in Australia and all over the world.


What drives your passion to come to work each day?

The “lightbulb” moments when educating students, knowing that i make a difference in
peoples careers and in the lives.


Your #1 business tip?

Balance is the key to success.  Look after yourself and it will look after you.


If your clients had to choose one thing they love about Geoffrey Herberg Education, what would it be?

The personalised nature of the way our education is delivered and how our programs
are constantly evolving to keep ahead of trends and industry.


What is the number one tip you would give to a new business owner?

Every day will present new challenges.  Be sure to empower your team and always
work towards your goals.

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