PERTH Beauty Gem #03 – Hair Outaquin

Professional, innovative team sets the bar in North Perth.

“Our number one beauty tip?…Seek professional advice ;)” 

Caroline & Jason Outten
Business Owners

Hair Outaquin
w:  outaquin.com.au
f:  facebook/HairOutaquin
t:  @HairOutaquin
i:  @HairOutaquin

List 5 words that represent Hair Outaquin.

Integrity, Passion, Innovative, Professional, Nurturing.


Why do you love Hair Outaquin?

It’s a close supportive team that helps each other every day to achieve.


What drives your passion to come to work each day?

A rewarding experience to achieve someone’s desires.


Your #1 beauty tip?

Seek professional advice ;)


If your client had to choose one thing they love about Hair Outaquin, what would it be?

We care.


What is the number one tip you would give to a new business owner?

Surround yourself with successful people that have walked where you are about to.

Hair Outaquin is a premium business listed on the Eternal Eve mobile app.  To learn more and find out about their current promotions download Eternal Eve on iTunes.

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