Eternal Eve – The wheels are in motion

What a month!  Here at Eternal Eve celebrations are in order as we welcome and embrace the partnership with Perth’s Atomic Sky.  Atomic Sky brings the tools Eternal Eve needs to take it to official launch and beyond… and ultimately share the journey of helping women find quality service providers in Australia.

As part of this union Eternal Eve has shifted its headquarters to Atomic Sky’s building in Northbridge, Perth, WA.   This new office space strengthens our position to move the company forward and effectively expand the Eternal Eve team.

Over the upcoming months Eternal Eve will be extensively validated with target groups of women who are searching in their quest to surround themselves with the best.   As part of this integration we would love to keep you up to date with Eternal Eve’s continued development!  Stay in touch with all that’s happening by registering your interest now.

In the meantime, stay warm and snug over this wintery month.  We will be turning up the heat at Eternal Eve headquarters to bring you one step closer to the much anticipated mobile app of 2014.


Warm regards,


Estelle Oliveri – Founder & CEO

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