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Eternal Eve connects you with the personal recommendations of your friends, and all of the trusted recommendations of their friends. At the same time you can let them all know all about the places and specialists you prefer.

All you have to do is sign up and create your own little black book. Make note of your favorite businesses and professionals in beauty, hair and alternative therapies. Your friends will see your favorites and you will see theirs.

It’s that easy.

Your Services


Eternal Eve is destined to be an exclusive global listing of beauty, hair, medical and alternative therapy focused businesses all recommended by friends and networks.  Word of mouth is the most powerful way to acquire new business and here at Eternal Eve our aim is to bring word of mouth to the online world. Women trust the recommendation of a friend over everything else.

If a woman loves your business, the chance that she will rave about it to her friends is highly likely. If one of your client favours your business on Eternal Eve, all her girlfriends will know about it, no matter where they are located around the globe.  By being listed on Eternal Eve you will reach a wider audience of individuals and increase your potential client base.

Your Clique


You love your friends.  You value their recommendations and you want to share the best in life with them.  This is your Clique.  Whether you live next door or are oceans apart, your Clique will always want to share the best with you.  Hair Salons. Beauty Salons. Chiropractors. Physiotherapists. Naturopaths. Doctor’s Surgeries. Dental Surgeries.

Share your best-loved service providers with your friends and receive guaranteed recommendations of Australia’s best from your own exclusive network.

Fabulous women love to share.