PERTH Beauty Gem #04 – Liift Aesthetics

Professionalism, education and commitment form key ingredients to CBD Beauty Clinic.

“Always use a good skin care regime, including a sunscreen.” 

11_Liift AestheticsSabina Daminova & Andrew Swift
Business Owners

Liift Aesthetics
w:  liiftaesthetics.com
f:  facebook/LiiftAesthetics

List 5 words that represent Liift Aesthetics.

Professional, Pampering, Nurturing, Committed, Educational.


Why do you love Liift Aesthetics?

We love Liift Aesthetics because it is our “baby”, we have built it from scratch. Another reason we love Liift Aesthetics is for our amazing team and our loyal supportive guests.


What drives your passion to come to work each day?

Our aim is to help people to look and feel great about themselves. We have seen some incredible transformations. This is the best reward to us, and this is one of the biggest reasons why we are so passionate about Liift Aesthetics.


Your #1 beauty tip?

Always use a good skin care regime, including a sunscreen.


If your client had to choose one thing they love about Liift Aesthetics, what would it be?



What is the number one tip you would give to a new business owner?

Persevere through the bad times and have sufficient financial resources to support the business until it starts supporting itself.

Liift Aesthetics is a premium business listed on the Eternal Eve mobile app.  To learn more and find out about their current promotions download Eternal Eve on iTunes.

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