Hello??? Scalp Massage where are you?

“Vulnerable to the touch – you can tell me anything… I. AM. YOURS.”

Why is it always hit and miss with hair salons and the glorious scalp massage? Today I experienced a fabulous wash, blow-dry and straighten at my local salon, however walked out feeling slightly unfulfilled.   “That will be $60 please,” the lovely stylist informed me as I handed over my debit card, a little reluctantly. I really have nothing complain about. I look fantastic. But the warm floating feeling is just not there.

Scalp Massage

For those that enjoy a massage will understand. Just like a cat purring at the touch of a head pat or scratch, I become putty to the scalp massage. Tranced in absolute bliss, a stylist could be whispering in my ear how great I could like with a shaved head and I would believe it. Vulnerable to touch – tell me anything. I. AM. YOURS.

“… we become connected with ourselves and with the stylist.”

Ultimately, I believe it is through the scalp massage that we start to build trust with the hair stylist. During this time we relax, our troubles of the world disappear and we begin to enjoy the experience of salon treatment. It does not matter if the salon is ragged, haggard or cutting edge in appearance. For five minutes our eyes are closed; the mind stops thinking, we reconnect with ourselves and form a silent bond with the stylist. Even months after the experience it is assured one will want to return where such bliss was felt.

And so I question the hair salon owner – why are scalp massages not an integral part of the wash? Do the extra 5 minutes spent on this process accrue too much time throughout the day where you can effectively book in another appointment? Or is it because some washbasins do not allow the hairdresser to massage client’s heads easily? Maybe it is a combination of both plus many other reasons.

I completely understand that different salons offer different levels of experience and pricing reflects this. I also understand that some clients prefer not to have their head touched at all. However, by NOT offering a scalp massage as part of the service ultimately disconnects the client from the business as a whole. A connection has not been solidified and the client may remain disloyal.

My recent experience certainly raised some questions. Like many women in business I travel A LOT for work. Am always on the move and need to look great at every business meeting. Looking confident and feeling in control is important, and I rely heavily on great hair salons across the country to ensure I look my best at all times. I want to be able to recommend salons in each state based on amazing experiences – salons that will be repeatedly returned to based on a level of service that subconsciously and consciously:

make me reach a state of bliss that successively evokes LOYALTY

So which hair salons in Australia (or abroad for that matter) include the scalp massage as part the service?? Which salons silently scream once you step through these doors “you will never leave”?

These are the salons that should be recognised for going the extra mile for the client. If you know a great salon that include scalp massage as part of the service, or are just genuinely awesome then

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