Connections #06 – Suzanne Waldron

Suzanne Waldron – on connecting internally and freeing one’s mind.

“Connecting deeply can cause shifts in emotions, eye opening truths and an openness to learn and evolve from.”

Suzanne WaldronSuzanne Waldron
Human Behavioural Change Specialist

Suzanne Waldron
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What does the word CONNECTIONS mean to you?

Connection means to relate.  To connect to self, to another, or to some ‘thing’ is to have a relationship that goes two ways and more.  It means giving and taking and exchanging.  Connecting deeply can cause shifts in emotions, eye opening truths and an openness to learn and evolve from.


How do you stay connected with the right people?

It depends on what ‘right’ means! I value all people.  I do ensure that I’m personally effective in relationships.  I spend more time with those who want to grow themselves and society.  Those types of people motivate me greatly.  I also connect to those who value themselves.


What empowers you?

Being free of restraints or limits.  Thinking well for myself and then passing that light and energy onto others.  Seeing others free their own minds is even MORE empowering!


What significant connection has influenced/inspired you recently?

A woman who read my book. She admitted that she didn’t think I’d have anything to write about when she heard it was about my own story.  She went onto read it and not only realised my story had relevance, she went about changing the way she judges others!  At 70 years old, she chose to think differently for herself and that inspires me deeply.


What’s the best self-indulgent treatment you’ve ever had?

I spent a day at a spa in the hills of Perth, and had an array of different treatments.  It was really wonderful to sit in the lounge room and read, sip tea, smell all the beautiful aromas.  I had a body mud wrap, a massage, a scalp treatment, reflexology and sound healing.  I KNOW!


What do you do when you are in the mood to spoil yourself?

I pretty much always resort to a massage.  I really like slowing down and having the connection of touch.  It really helps me to clear my head and of course is great for the body.


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