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Why you should be making the switch to eyebrow threading

“Threading removes a line of hair with extreme precision, even the very fine and stubborn strands.”

Beautifully shaped eyebrows go a long way when it comes to enhancing your facial features. And if waxing and tweezing isn’t your cup of tea, why not give threading a try?

An ancient method of hair removal that makes use of a simple twisted cotton string that tugs along the surface of your skin, threading is becoming increasingly popular – quite possibly because it does not involve any form of chemical being applied, making it a 100 per cent natural.


It is in fact also considered to be one of the more hygienic forms of hair removal, according to Sandrine Syed, co-founder of Zubias Threading in Perth. “While threading does indeed involve the therapist holding the thread in her mouth, it is important to note, that part of the thread does not actually make contact with the customer. The threads are also never reused,” she says.

But that’s not all, as Sandrine shares that threading is also extremely accurate. “There is no guess work involved. It’s simple geometry, clean and precise lines which cannot be achieved with a pair of tweezers or wax. Threading removes a line of hair with extreme precision, even the very fine and stubborn strands.”

But what about the maintenance? Well, you can rest assure that because threading is able to target even the finest of hair, the results are longer lasting making it less of a hassle in terms of that aspect.

But having said that, as threading it still a form of hair removal, there are certain precautions that should be followed. Here are some of Sandrine’s top tips.

Do inform your therapist of your pain threshold

Everyone has got a different pain threshold. And as threading is still a form of hair removal, it can be considered painful for some individuals. So if you know that you’re one of those people, do let your therapist know and they can alter the amount of pressure applied on the skin making your experience more relaxing.

Do inform your therapist if you are prone to rashes

There is nothing worse than stepping out after an appointment with red blotches on your skin. So if you let it be known that you might be prone to rashes, your therapist can an apply a thin layer of antibacterial spray to avoid irritation.

Do exfoliate your skin before the appointment

In addition to giving you the gorgeous glow, exfoliation can also remove the additional oils and dead skin around your eyebrows. With a clean surface to work with, it will also be easier to remove your fine and stubborn hair, ensuring that you get the most of your threading session.

Do not wear makeup straight after the appointment if you have sensitive skin

As the ingredients in your makeup can aggravate your skin, it will be better to keep it nice and clean for a few hours.

Make sure you visit a reputable establishment

Don’t take the risk of ending up with uneven eyebrows. Make sure the place you’re getting them done has got a good reputation in the industry. As threading requires a lot of precision skills, the people they hire should be experienced and trained through hours of practice.


 Zubias Threading can be found on the Eternal Eve mobile app.

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